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How do I make check availability and/or make reservations?


You can make your reservations anytime online 24/7.   You can check all of our properties at once by clicking here or visit the following links to make your reservations online:
Judge Porter House
Queen Anne
Violet Hill
Andrew Morris House
By Phone:

Call us on our toll free number at 1-800-441-8343.  Reservations are taken between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM daily.   If there is no answer or it is after normal business hours
leave a message.  If you are making last minute reservations please call us.

We recommend that reservations be made 6 months in advance for  weekends, holidays, Christmas Festival  and the entire month of December.

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What is required to make a reservation?

Name, address, valid credit card, phone and email address.

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Will I receive a confirmation of my reservation?

Yes, within 24 hours you will receive an email confirmation.  Please read your confirmation carefully it contains important information about your stay including maps, directions and cancellation policy.

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 How do I cancel a reservation?

By Email:

By Phone:

Call us on our toll free number at 1-800-441-8343 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.   If there is no answer or it is after normal business hours leave a message.

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Will I receive a cancellation confirmation?

Confirmations for cancellations will be sent out immediately to your email address that you gave us when you made your reservation.  Your reservations is not cancelled unless you get a cancellation notice from us.

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When do settle my bill?

Payment is not processed until you check out.   Please present your credit card to the innkeeper at checkout.

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Can you send me information about Natchitoches?


You can have a vacation guide mailed to you or you can download it to your computer right now!

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Do you offer Corporate, State and Government Rates?

Yes, Corporate, State and Government rates are available Sunday-Thursday, single occupancy only and do not include breakfast.  Breakfast may be added for $15.00 per

Corporate Rates are $99.00/night, State or Government Rates are  $80.00/night (ID Required)

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Do you allow pets at your Bed and Breakfast?


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Do you allow children at your Bed and Breakfast?

Children 12 and over are welcomed guest but we only allow two people per room.

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Do you allow smoking at your Bed and Breakfast?

All of our Bed and Breakfasts offer a smoke free environment.  You are welcome to smoke outside on the porches, galleries and decks.

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Do you have a cancellation policy?


Cancellation Policy:

Full payment is due unless we are notified 10 days in advance of your scheduled reservation date consecutively per room booked. Any person making a reservation with an arrival date less than 10 days from the date reservation is made; understands and assumes total responsibility for all charges in the event their reservation is cancelled, and we are unable to rebook the room. Whole house rentals
will require a 50-day advance notice for full refund. If we are able to re-book your room(s) to another guest we will offer a refund for the number of rooms re-booked. Cancellation policy may be changed if multiple rooms are booked by one person, organization or group.

Once you cancel your reservation via email or by calling us on our Toll Free Number 1-800-441-8343, you must receive a cancellation confirmation from us by email for that cancellation to be valid.

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Do you require a deposit?


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Is it customary to tip your Innkeeper?

Like with any service industry, if you had good service and an overall good experience tipping is always appreciated!

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Do you have a two night minimum?

  • Yes on most weekends we have a two night minimum.

  • A two night minimum can be Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday.

  • If we are not completely full by Wednesday prior to the weekend you want to reserve a single night we may accept single night bookings.

  • There are no two night minimum stays Sunday-Thursdays.

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Why do you have a two night minimum on weekends?

Most of our guest are traveling to our area for a two night stay.   If we book all of our rooms for single nights then we are unable to accommodate our guest that want to stay for two nights and many times we are left with empty rooms because
we are unable to book for two nights.

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Do you have private baths?

Yes, all of our rooms have private baths.

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Do you have Jacuzzi Tubs?


Two-person Jacuzzi tubs are located at:

  • Judge Porter House: Garden and Judge Porter Guest Rooms
  • Queen Anne: Victorian,  Blue and Garden Guest Rooms
  • Violet HillJohn Reavls,  Arthur Coble, Prince Haithcoat Suite
  • Andrew Morris House: Ragan Suite and Ducournau Suite

One-person Jacuzzi tubs are located in:

  • Queen Anne: Library Room and Queen Anne Guest Rooms
  • Andrew Morris House: Henry Guest Room
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Do you have any King sized beds?

  • Queen Anne: Library, Queen Anne, Garden and Blue guest rooms all have king sized beds.
  • Andrew Morris House: Ducournau Suite and Ragan Suite
  • Violet Hill: Stem Wheeler Guest Room

All of our other rooms have Queen sized beds.   We do not have any double beds

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Do you have any downstairs rooms?


The following rooms are all downstairs:

  • Judge Porter House3 rooms downstairs The Garden and Judge Porter guest rooms and Guest House
  • Queen Anne – 1 room downstairs The Library guest room
  • Violet Hill – 4 rooms downstairs Arthur Coble, Stem Wheeler, John Reavls and Prince Haithcoat guest rooms
  • Andrew Morris House – 2 rooms downstairs Ducournau Suite and Henry Guest Room
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How many people can sleep in one room?

All of our rooms are double occupancy only.

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Do you have any suites?

One Bedroom Suites:

  • Violet Hill: Prince Haithcoat suite and Puckett Suite
  • Andrew Morris House: Ragan suite, Ducournau Suite

Two Bedroom Suites:

  • Andrew Morris House: Tucker Suite
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Can you tell me if anything is going on in Natchitoches during my

You can visit the calendar of events to see what is going on in Natchitoches during your stay or you can call our tourist information center at 1-800-259-1714.   Also an excellent source of information on Natchitoches is 

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Do you serve breakfast?


The Judge Porter House, Queen Anne, Andrew Morris and Violet Hill all serve a full multi course breakfast.

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What time is breakfast Served?

Breakfast is served promptly at 8:30 AM in one seating at the Judge Porter House, Queen Anne, Andrew Morris and Violet Hill.

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What do you serve for breakfast?

Judge Porter HouseQueen Anne, Andrew Morris and Violet Hill click here to visit our Breakfast page for a sampling of our menus.

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Can I skip breakfast?

Of course.  As a courtesy to the innkeeper please contact us at 800-441-8343 so that we can plan accordingly.

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Can you serve breakfast in our room?

No, we do not serve breakfast in any of our guest rooms.

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Can you serve breakfast at a different time?

We only serve breakfast in one sitting at 8:30 AM.

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Do you know of a florist we can order flowers?

Yes, the Judge Porter House, Queen Anne and the Violet Hill use Jeanne’s Country Gardens.

(318) 357-0102 

300 Jefferson St, Natchitoches, Louisiana

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Do you know of a Photographer we can hire to take pictures?

We recommend Mark Bill’s Photography click here for more information.

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Do you cater or can you recommend of a caterer for events and

We do not cater but we can recommend Maison Louisiane Catering.  Click 
for more information.

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Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can buy them online from any of our websites by selecting the Gift Certificates tab or select the link below for the bed and breakfast that you want to purchase a gift certificate from:

Judge Porter House

Violet Hill

Andrew Morris

Queen Anne

Our gift certificates are valid one year from issue date and can be used at the Judge Porter House, Queen Anne, Andrew Morris and the Violet Hill.

Untitled document (1)
Our Gift Certificates can be designed for any special occasion that you may have in mind…from birthdays to wedding or Christmas gifts or just to say thank you !
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Can I use an expired gift certificate?

No, gift certificates are no longer valid one year after the date of issue.

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Were can I park my car?

Judge Porter House

Off street parking available in the
front and rear of the house.  There are three spaces in the front of the house which are accessed from Second Street and two in the rear which can be accessed from Rue Poete Street. .  Parking is also available on Rue Poete Street on the side of the street the Judge Porter House is located.   Parking is not available on Second Street in either direction.

Queen Anne:

Off street parking is available in the rear of the Queen Anne and is accessible from Sydney Street.

Violet Hill: 

Off street parking is available on the left side of the house accessed from  the driveway entered via Washington Street.

Andrew Morris House:

Off Street parking is available behind the house accessed from Ragan Street.  You many also park on Ragan street to the left of the house. Do not park next to the fire hydrant.

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Do you host Weddings?

I am sorry we do not host large weddings.   We will allow small ceremonies that include the bride and groom and two witnesses and the person officiating the
ceremony.   There is no charge for the use of the house or gardens
for your small ceremony with overnight accommodations.

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Can we take Wedding photographs at your properties?

Yes.  There is a $50.00 fee for taking photographs unless you are an overnight guest, then there is no charge for taking photographs.

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Do you offer any special packages?

Yes.  Please visit our special occasion  link for more information.

Hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries are prepared fresh for many of our special occasion packages
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When is Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in is officially at 1:00 PM.  Check-out is 10:30 AM

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How far are your properties from Historic Front Street?

The Judge Porter House is a short 7 minute walk from the downtown area.  The Queen Anne is 10 minutes and Violet Hill is 5 minutes.   The Andrew Morris House is in the downtown area.

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Are you located in the National Landmark Historic District?

Yes all four properties, the  Judge Porter House, Violet Hill, Andrew Morris and the Queen Anne are located in the Historic District.

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Are any of your properties located on the Cane River Lake?

Yes, the Violet Hill sets on the banks of the Cane River Lake.

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How can I contact a guest staying at any of your properties:

If you know the guest cell phone number we recommend you call that number first.

If you do not know the guest cell phone please call guest services at 800-441-8343.  If there is no answer leave a message with the guest name and which one of our
Bed and Breakfast they are staying at and we will call you back!

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Judge Porter House Gardens
View of the Lions Head fountain installed over 20 years ago by the current owner.